“Linda, the Bali Journey has been a marvelous experience. Your coverage of Bali culture music and dance, religion and scenergy, just the whole package has been so complete, one could ask for nothing more.”
~ Mariane

Linda, This was my first time to travel with a group and tours and it’s been a great experience. Thanks for your kindness, your expertise and attention to details. A wonderful experience.”
~ Darlene Hooley, former u.s. congresswoman in office 1997 – 2009

“Thank you for introducing me to this magical isand and all its intriguing places and events. It’s been a once in a lifetime experience for me with many wonderful memories to carry with me.” ~ Linda Shipley

“Linda, You are truly an angel to create such a wonderful journey for each of us. The places we visited and stayed were unique and special. Looking forward to your next trip.”
~ Stan

“Linda, THis has been a dream of mine for years. Thanks for making it reality for me.”
~ Paula Pagano, author of Secrets of a Top Salesperson – How Emotions Make or Break the Sale, broker associate

“Linda Thank you for introducing us to the magical world of Bali. I have a feeling that it will be of first of many adventures Thank you for making it possible for us.”
~ Devaa Mitchell-Dinan, former executive director of Full Circle Fund, and Marcia Mitchell

“Linda, You didn’t just give a “taste” of Bali but wonderous banquet that will be long remembered and savored. Much appreciation,”
~ George and Natalia Corich

“Linda, What can I say, it’s been absolutely incredible and you deserve mucho thanks for your enthusiasm and hard work!”
~ Martin

“Thanks you for the best vacation we’ve ever experienced!! Truly NIRVANA–we’ll be saving up for our return anniversary trip.”
~ Juanita and Chas

“Thank you for the moments, hours and days of an incredible journey.”
~ Marie

“Thank you for a wonderful repeat performance. A healing journey of a lifetime.” ~ Carol Read, artist (Lib Art)

“For the Peace and Tranquility of the mountains and the ocean…Thank you!”
~ Isadora

“I really appreciate the special additional care and attention you gave Mary and me. Thanks again for both your warmth and your competence.”
~ Ted Rockwell

“This has been a great experience. A wonderful way to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Thanks so much for all your sharing.”
~ Mary Rockwell

“What a remarkable, memorable trip! I feel enlightened, inspired, full of health, happiness and a few precious grains of Bali wisdom. Thank you with all my heart for your efforts and inspiration.”
~ Diana Stork, harpist 

“THANK YOU for a wonderful trip you have put together. Both me and my brother have enjoyed every second of it. It was such a beautiful trip. We absolutely fell in love with Bali, I was so sad to leave Bali and come back. I just felt like at home there, I felt so peaceful, so happy, so joyful, so positive. Thank so so so much for putting it together and giving us an opportunity to see authentic Bali instead of touristic Bali. We went one day to Kuta out of curiosity to try to do surfing for the first time in our life, and realized how much we loved the places where we stayed compared to Kuta. Linda, we would like to go back there for the next year , but this time we really want to take our parents and give them an opportunity to see beautiful Bali. So I will definitely ask you to put it together. I truly appreciate the wonderful work you have done, and look forward to more trips under your guidance.”
~ Marieta Velikova, economics professor

“Fantastic and transformative…”
~ Josie Grant, mural artist

“The magic of Bali is twice as wonderful with Linda. You will see a side of Bali not possible with anyone else, I guarantee.”
~ Carol Read, artist (Lib Art)

“Being in Bali feels so “other worldly”, the air, the colors, the scents. Whenever I walked into a village temple festival I felt transported to another time.”
~ Barbara Pena-Richard

“Our Bali trip lead by Linda County was marvelous. The group was friendly and informal. Linda arranged for us to have a great variety of experiences and visit parts of Bali most tourists never get to see. I highly recommend it.”
~ Dr. Noel Keyes

“A wonderful introduction to Bali. I was never one to go on tours. I don’t think on oujr own we could have captured all the spirit of Bali which made the trip so special.”
~ Mary Ann Levine

“The trip to Bali was spiritually enriching, visually beautiful, and culturally exciting. Linda packed a tremendous number of fantastic experiences into a short period of time. My Bali experiences willalways stay with me as cherished memories Linda’s smile, laughter and good judgment were much appreciated. I enjoyed her willingness to have fun.”
~ David Foos, retired Judge

“Linda knows Bali geographically, culturally and spiritually. Go with the one who knows.”